Jimmy Two Shoes
Zombie Pickle
Zombie Pickle.png
Season 2
Production code 205b
Broadcast number 5
Written by Craig Martin
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere November 27, 2010
Teletoon (English) Premiere October 8, 2010
Paired with
[[Spring Broke]]


Miseryville is taken over by Zombie Pickles and it's up to Jimmy to save the town from disaster.


Jimmy, Beezy, Heloise and Cerbee are out in the woods telling scary stories. Jimmy just finished telling one where he was being chased by a giant pickle. Beezy and Heloise say that Jimmy's stories are getting a little predictable because they're all about pickles.

A while later, Jimmy and Beezy head out into the wooods for more food, only to find a bakery to with Jimmy's neighbour, Mrs. Gherkin A.K.A. Pickle Lady inside. It turns out her pickles can now turn people into pickle zombies. Soon Jimmy is the only one not zombified. He tries to live with the pickles, stop them as Power Squid, and even tries to trap them using other foods. But he is then tricked into buying pickle attracting spray. Soon he is cornered by pickles and faints.

He wakes up in his bed thinking it was a dream, but he sees that everyone are still pickles. He wakes up again to find Beezy and Heloise by his bed looking normal. But they are soon show to still be pickles. After that the episode reveals that it was all part of Beezy's story. In real life, Jimmy, Beezy, Heloise and Cerbee find the exact same bakery from Beezy's story. They go inside and Jimmy is quickly chased out by Mrs. Gherkin.


  • Mrs. Gherkin from "Rear Pickle" returns in this episode.
  • Mrs. Gherkin was eaten by Cerbee in "Rear Pickle", so it is unknown how she is still alive in this episode.
  • We learn that in this episode and Rear Pickle Jimmy is afraid of pickles.


  • Jimmy
  • Beezy
  • Heloise
  • Cerbee
  • Mrs. Gherkin