Jimmy Two Shoes

What's Up With Heloise? was an eight episode of Jimmy Two Shoes (season 2).

What's Up With Heloise?
What's Up With Heloise.png
Season 2
Production code 208b
Broadcast number 8
Written by Scott Albert
Directed by Mark Ackland
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere January 22, 2011
Teletoon (English) Premiere November 25, 2010
Télétoon (French) Premiere December 16, 2010
Paired with
[[Jimmy New-Shoes]]


When Heloise's pink-obsessed Sweet Aunty Pomegranate comes for a visit, Jimmy and Beezy try to "save" her when her Aunt tries to make her nice.


Jimmy and Beezy play a game about eating himself. Then, Heloise said "be hold", while Beezy beholds a moo toy. Suddenly, Heloise throws this blanket, revealing a Monster Pizza 3000. Normally, Heloise calls Hal Beckett, while Jimmy tells to Heloise. In the year 201X, Beezy eats Jimmy's arm while Jimmy tells to Beezy "I need my arm during the doorbell's". Then, Heloise reappears with Jimmy and Beezy, while Heloise tells to Beezy and Jimmy "Next wild, later normally, panting off like stretchy", after Heloise said "Talk soon, or, never" (laughing), Le Door closes that door's. Suddenly, this limo goes in, after Aunty P. debuted.


  • In this episode, Heloise is shown to have legs again when she's wearing her bear costume.