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About Me?Edit

Real Name is Andres (not gonna say last name for main reasons if you really want to know then probe around teh net for it or poke fun at me for abit to say my last name) anyways I'm an average 18 year old guy that happend to fall in love with Jimmy 2 shoes and i'm glad I did =D (even tho my friend wants me to quit....which I won't ^_^ i'll try to get him into it....somehow....) Love Gaming Anime! (duh again) love to read both regular books and Manga =D (ah durr?) pron just like every other guy (I know I spelled it wrong but just to be safe heheh...) well....I guess if u want to know more about me talk to me o_o, Youtube name is Andres1000222 (made it along time ago >_>)

I have returned from my vaction from things in florida so now i'll try to update the fourms more often and starting from the beginning of season 1 to the some end of season 3 :D *goes to look at episodes and chars to update*

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