Jimmy Two Shoes
Too Many Jimmys
Season 1
Production code 116
Broadcast number 15
Written by Scott Oh
Airing Information
Paired with
The Racing Bug


Sick of playing volleyball by himself, Jimmy tries to find someone to play against. Everyone he asks us too busy or unsuited to play... and Lucius has his guards use him as the ball instead. Landing in Heloise's yard, he wishes there was such a thing as a people copier, and it turns out Heloise has already built one and lets him use it as long as he follows the instructions. Jimmy does not follow the instructions. The resulting copy is headless and the next few are very deformed. While the original and first three Jimmy clones go off to play volleyball, more keep coming out of the machine.

The ensuing game disturbs Lucius in his bathtub, and he is quickly surrounded by several Jimmy's in hiding. The clones have overrun the real Jimmy's house and have committed the atrocity of drinking his fizzy snail sludge... and wreaking havoc across town. Molotov tries to capture the Jimmy's and Beezy is no help whatsoever. Heloise explains that the clones are indestructible, and it seems they are stuck with the extra Jimmy's. The original Jimmy is on the run when a phone call from Lucius gives him an idea, the clones are attracted to his ringtone so he uses it to lure the clones over a cliff and into the sea.