There Will Be Chocolate
Season 1
Production code 126b
Broadcast number 26
Written by Jenn Engles
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere November 14, 2009
Paired with
Scent of a Heinous


Jimmy, Beezy and Heloise discover Lucius' secret underground Chocolate Reservoir.


They begin eating it and using it wastefully until it runs out. This episode also features the Letter Lady, a monster trying to mail a letter, who has been looking for a mailbox for years. Heloise assaults her when she tries to mail it in the chocolate mailbox where they disguised the reservoir.

Later when Lucius gets sucked through, she returns and jams a letter into his mouth.


  • Jimmy: Chocolate tomorrow! Chocolate tomorrow! Chocolate tomorrow! (time passes; gets nervous) Chocolate tomorrow! Chocolate TOMORROW! (time passes; gets very worried) Chocolate tomorrow, ha. Chocolate tomorrow! CHOCOLATE TOMORROW! Haha! (time passes; appears to be completely paranoid) Chocolate tomorrow...CHOCOLATE TOMORROW!


  • No one but Lucius, Samy and the workers knew about the Chocolate Reservoir before Jimmy, Beezy and Heloise found it.
  • Jimmy was the only one of the group who knew what chocolate was.
  • Beezy might have rights to the chocolate reservoir but didn't know about it.
  • First episode where Heloise said "awesmazing".
  • The chocolate reservoir was calculated to last about 139 years.
  • Only episode where Jimmy, Heloise and Beezy were fat due to over eating chocolate.
  • This is the last episode from Season 1.
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