Jimmy Two Shoes
There's Always a Hiccup
Season 1
Production code 120b
Broadcast number 20
Written by Craig Martin
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere August 1, 2009
Paired with
Meet The Gnomans


Heloise has one heck of a case of the hiccups! Can Jimmy and Beezy cure her before it drives her insane? (well more insane than she already is).


Heloise has a nasty case of hiccups and they get in the way of making a "Heinosaurus Rex" for Lucius. Jimmy tries to help get rid of the hiccups, with the help of Beezy and Dr. Scientist. Heloise tries the number one cure for getting rid of hiccups, ("Nasty hiccups go like that, when you lick a purple cat") but it doesn't work. All other cures don't work either, leaving Jimmy and Beezy with one other cure, kissing Heloise! Jimmy and Beezy regret doing this until they see Heloise again. She is in VERY bad shape and even has trouble pronouncing Jimmy and Beezy's names. Jimmy and Beezy argue until Jimmy finally says he will do it. Jimmy does it blind folded so when he thinks he's kissing Heloise, he's really kissing the "Heinosaurus Rex" in it's finished state. Seeing this, Lucius orders him to stop and pulls him away. The "Heinosaurus Rex" then starts munching on Lucius. Heloise manages to turn the monster off. Jimmy then bumps into her and breaks the control mechanism, making the "Heinosaurus Rex go out of control, and then explode. Heloise starts to angrily chase Jimmy. Jimmy runs past Beezy, but Heloise bumps into him and accidently kisses him. Heloise starts to get steamed until she relizes her hiccups are gone. Beezy then starts hiccuping from the kiss. The episode ends with Jimmy and Heloise laughing at Beezy.


  • Samy does not appear in this episode.
  • Throughout the episode, people continuously call Heloise crabby.
  • In Miseryville, the number one, fool - proof, never - failed cure for hiccups is licking a purple cat.
  • The cures that are attempted are:
  • Heloise standing on her head while drinking a glass of water (Beezy stands on Heloise's head while he drinks a glass of water).
  • Jimmy and Beezy scaring Heloise. (they use scary masks, then a poodle rat - both ideas don't work).
  • Heloise holding her breath
  • An extended kiss (Heloise accidently kisses Beezy, getting rid of her hiccups and giving them to Beezy).
  • Dr. Scientist makes another appearance.
  • This episode reveals that Beezy hates taking baths.
  • Heloise's nightgown reappears in "Panda-Monium"
  • Jimmy breaks a fourth wall by pausing an accident kiss scene and rewinds it in slow motion.
    • This also makes the only episode to have a fourth wall break.


  • Heloise
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes
  • Beezy J. Heinous
  • Lucius Heinous VII
  • Dr. Scientist