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Sammy it tired of being the only tester for the horrible products that Misery Inc. makes, so an advertisment is aired to find new testers for these products.

The ad says that whoever signs up to be a product tester will be given a free utility belt. Jimmy and Beezy sign up immediatly. After a short disclaimer they are exposed to a variety of miserable products.Beezy is made miserable by them while jimmy finds something fun to do with it.

The first was a soda machine that doesn't give you your soda then sprays you with it. Beezy gets into a fight with it and the soda machine wins. Jimmy does the mint in cola trick with it. The second is a hair dryer that shoots you with fire, Beezy gets torched and jimmy rides it like a rocket.

Lucius is irritated by how nothing makes jimmy miserable so in a last ditch attempt he used the worst idea he's got, sludge ice cream made of dirty socks. Beezy likes it but jimmy can't stand it. lucius thinks he's found something truly awful and releaseds the product despite Heloise 's warnings about how beezy liked it.

Beezy and jimmy are awarded their utility belts but lucius's plan goes wrong when the people of Miseryville like the product. so he has beezy and jimmy recall and dispose of every one of them with their utility belts.

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