Jimmy Two Shoes
The Masked Jackhammer
Masked Jackhammer.jpg
Season 1
Production code 105a
Broadcast number 17
Written by Alan Resnick
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere July 18, 2009
Paired with
The Big Drip

The Masked Jackhammer is a episode from Season 1.


When Jimmy, along with Beezy, see a wrestling match on T.V, Jimmy wants to try it for himself. When the wrestler Goat Guy gets injured, Jimmy goes to the auditions for a new wrestling partner for The Masked Jackhammer, who turns out to be Heloise in a mechanical costume. Jimmy ends up winning by accident and ends up in the tournement. Beezy gets bribed by a bag of chips to let his "client" wrestle. Jimmy and The Masked Jackhammer win the next round, mostly because of The Masked Jackhammer, and move on to a point where there is nobody else to wrestle, forcing them to wrestle each other. The Masked Jackhammer ends up beating Jimmy in many painful ways until Heloise stops after realizing that she's hurting him. When Lucius demands that a fight should be happening, he calls on Samy to bring out El Squasho. A bigger machine that Samy controls, and that Jimmy must beat at dancing. After a series of stunning moves, Heloise lightly taps El Squasho, causing it to lose balance and fall into the Abyss Of Nothingness along with Lucius and Samy. Beezy then anounces Jimmy and Heloise the winners and then offers them a chip.


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  • Cerbee doesn't appear in this episode.
  • The episode aired alone without it's partner, The Big Drip.
  • Scenes from this episode were shown on Beezy's TV in The Butley Did It.
  • The "Abyss Of Nothingness" makes an appearance.