Jimmy Two Shoes


While Jimmy is trying to stack potato chips on Beezy's tongue, Heloise arrives and informs the boys that Runny and the Nosebleeds are having a concert. The trio rush to buy their tickets, getting stuck in a long line with many other people. Beezy and Heloise start to argue and challenge each other to a staring contest, missing the line move and Jimmy frantically trying to secure their tickets. Although Heloise beats Beezy, the two discover that Jimmy could only get two tickets. They quickly fight over who Jimmy is taking, until he snaps and says he won't take either since they are always fighting. Jimmy decides that whoever is nicer to the other will get the extra ticket.

The competition is already off to a rough start with the two spending all night insisting the other goes into Jimmy's house first. Heloise plays dirty on the next attempt and tricks Beezy into eating hot dogs covered in glue and washing him away with a stream of water from a water tower. Heloise takes Jimmy back to her lab and they find Beezy with a rocket chair present/trap for Heloise who sees right through it (she invented it). Jimmy takes a ride on the rocket chair and finds it awesome. Eating out before the concert, Jimmy can't decide who to give it to, so he has his friends dance together to prove they're not fighting. Beezy and Heloise reluctantly dance and quickly turn it into throwing each other at the walls. Jimmy is disappointed in them and his friends insist the other should get the ticket. However it turns out the weevils from one of Heloise's pranks have stolen the tickets. The trio bemoan their situation until Jimmy sees the rocket chair and they fly onto the concert stage, where Beezy and Heloise offer a truce that lasts less than a second.