Jimmy Two Shoes
The Big Drip
The Big Drip.png
Season 1
Production code 105b
Broadcast number 17
Written by John Slama
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere Unaired
Paired with
The Masked Jackhammer

The Big Drip is United States' unaired episode from Season 1.


Jimmy and Beezy watch a commercial for a new soda, "Fireball Extreme". The motto is "An explosion in every gulp!" but Jimmy has a hard time burping hard enough for fire to come out. Beezy goes to the bathroom and accidentally destroys Jimmy's toilet. Jimmy needs to pee too but it seems that there is nowhere to do it. Jimmy then finds Lucius' private toilet room, a large room with a golden toilet in the centre. Lucius spots Jimmy heading towards the toilet on his security camera. Right when Jimmy is about to pee, Lucius pops in on him and bans him from every bathroom in Miseryville and says anyone who takes pity on him will also have their punishment. Jimmy tries to use Heloise's bathroom, but it turns out that Beezy accidentally destroyed hers too. Lucius then decides to destroy every bathoom in Miseryville but his bathroom gets destroyed by accident so he hires a plumber to fix it. 3 days later, Jimmy and Lucius really need to pee. Lucius's bathroom is finally fixed but they don't know the password they need to use it. Jimmy gets an idea, but will only do it if Lucius rebilds everyone's bathrooms and lets him use his toilet. Lucius agrees and Jimmy drinks a "Fireball Extreme" and remembers the tip Beezy gave him: "Hold it back a second, you cannot rush the burp". Jimmy successfully burns down the door and the two use the bathroom as fast as possible. Jimmy says they must wash their hands but by using the tap, they both get blasted out of the building and crash on the ground out front. The episode ends with Heloise saying "Now that's quality work".


  • Jimmy has to go to the bathroom for approximately 8 minutes and 16 seconds in episode time.
  • Beezy is shown to pee sitting down.
  • This is the only episode from season 1 to remain unaired on the flagship Disney XD.
    • However, it was aired on Disney XD UK on 25th Jan 2010.
    • It was banned because of it’s dark humor.
  • In this episode, Misery inc has a V-shaped window at the top instead of three circular ones.


Disney XD

US: ‘’Unaired’’

UK: January 25, 2010 (6:30pm)