Jimmy Two Shoes
The Big Date
The Big Date.png
Season 1
Production code 109b
Broadcast number 6
Written by Edward Kay
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere March 21, 2009
Paired with
Power Squid and Spaghetti Beezy


Lucius hires Jimmy and Beezy to help him prepare for a big date with Jez, but when Heloise sees Jimmy and Jez together, she gets jealous.


Lucius is preparing for his date with Jez but thanks to Jimmy and Beezy. He must take care of business in Misery Inc. and leaves Jimmy and Beezy in charge. Jez is furious that Lucius isn't here and attempts to go home, only for Beezy and Jimmy to stop her and stall (by drawling and jump rope) their last attempt was farting armpits only for her to leave in disgust and boredom. Jimmy and Beezy take her to Chez Garbage for dinner and Heloise notices this and plays a prank on her by putting a mustache in her smoothie. Next they play ball with Cerbee only for Heloise to replace Cerbee with a wind-up cerbee bomb. Jez then kicks him into the bush Heloise is hiding in, exploding on her and leaving her completely charred black and freeing Cerbee unharmed. Later Lucius finds out what's going on. He confronts Beezy only to find out that she was being attacked by a gorilla-like demon. Jimmy steals the catolog Lucius promised and failed to save Jez. She appears unharmed and completely safe. Lucius wants to make out with her only to find out that she is dating Murry the gorilla beast much to his sadness. But Jimmy tells him he can hang out with them much to his chagrin.



  • Jimmy: Do you like movies?
    • Jez: No.
    • Beezy: I'll handle this. Do you like movies? (Jez stares at him) Ask her if she likes movies.