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Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Possibly human
Family Heloise, Herman
Production Information
First Appearance What's Up With Heloise?
Voiced by Katie Crown

Aunty Pomegranate is the pink-obsessed aunt of Heloise. She only appeared in the Season 2 episode, What's Up With Heloise?


When she first appears, she is shown to be a sweet lady with a love for pink and girly things. She tries to force Heloise to be as polite and well mannered as her. As much as this annoys Heloise, she can't bring herself to destroy her aunt.

At the end of "What's Up With Heloise?" she reveals that she loves evil and destruction as much as her niece. Heloise showed her the Monster Pizza Maker and she instantly loved it.


  • After Jimmy and Heloise, she is possibly the third human character seen on the show.
  • She somewhat resembles Mary Poppins.


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