Six Over Seven
Six Over Seven
Season 2
Production code 216a
Broadcast number 16
Written by Deborah Jarvis
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere April 16, 2011
Teletoon (English) Premiere TBA
Télétoon (French) Premiere TBA
Paired with
[[The Outsiders]]


Beezy rekindles his relationship with his grandfather which makes Lucius jealous.


Jimmy accidentaly destroys Cerbee's house throwing him in a tantrum they try fixing it but fails. They call Heloise but she's on the "Get away from Beezy" vacation so they go to Lucious but he wouldn't help so he tells them to unfreeze Lucious Heinous VI they do and he hugs Jimmy mistaking him for Lucious Heinous VII since his eyes are frozen still. He agrees to help Jimmy repair Cerbee's home and flips Beezy out of bed claiming to not have slackers on the job. He finishes and makes it a castle Beezy congrates him but also sends him back to the freezer. Lucious Heinous VI persauds them to have fun instead this leads Lucious Heinous VII jealous saying that he's way more fun than him. He does fun things but Lucious Heinous VI does even more fun stuff so he desides to launch himself in to space Lucious Heinous the VI does the same they both apoligize and make up but land terribly Beezy freezes Lucious Heinous VI in return to his dad. The next day Lucious wants to have fun but is furious only to find out that they want to play a video game so he launches them into space saying thats fun. 

Trivia Edit

When it shows a shot of the freezer, in the pods you can see the silouettes of Lucias the fifth, forth, third, and the second. One can also spot a pod with a devil that does not appear to be Lucias the sixth, but if Lucias the seventh and the eighth generation Beezy are unfrozen and the rest are ruled out, then who could it be. it could Lucias Heinous the first, but this one looks nothing like the one in the portraits, although this one might be him but aged.


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