Jimmy Two Shoes
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Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Cyclops
Age 14
Affiliations Beezy, Jimmy, Heloise
Residence Miseryville
Interests Being with Beezy (mainly rubbing the top of his head), Yogurt, Shoes, Breaking statues
Production Information
First Appearance Jimmy Matchmaker
Voiced by Sunday Muse

Saffi is a recurring character and Beezy's ex-girlfriend.

Character outline[]

Saffi is Beezy's ex-girlfriend. In Jimmy MatchMaker she became Beezy's girlfriend when Jimmy found her for Beezy to go to his dad's statue unveiling as a date. She usually doesn't say many words aside from 'crush', 'yogurt', and 'smoothy-smooth', but she can talk. She has a hatred of statues and will destroy any she sees. In fact, the only sentence she spoke in the second episode she appeared in was, "No, I just hate statues." In "The Butley Did It", she also said 'scratchy, scratch' multiple times, plus said 'Hello!' to Jimmy and Heloise. Also, in "I Married a Weavil" she says, "I don't mind". In Baby Boom she briefly appears trying to eat a car tire. Beezy broke up with her for Princess Arianna in She Loves Me. In Catalogue of Misery, she orders a TV, but is disgusted to see that all of the channels feature Sammy dancing. After Jimmy fills the TV with water, she gleefully jumps in to swim inside it.


  1. Yogurt
  2. Smoothy-smooth!
  3. Must crush Lucius!
  4. Must crush!
  5. No, I just hate statues. Yogurt!
  6. Crush!!!
  7. Scratchy-scratch?
  8. I don't mind.
  9. Wet.
  10. Why do feet stink?
  11. Why do I like it when my fingers do this...EEEEE!!!!

Episode Appearances[]

Appearences in Movies/Short Films[]

  • Jimmy Two-Shoes The Movie:Lucius Strikes Back
  • Disney's Space Jam:A Jimmy Two-Shoes Movie
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes II:Misery Loves Company
  • Disney's Space Jam 2:A Jimmy Two-Shoes Movie
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes III:Time Gets Warped


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