Jimmy tries to greet his new neighbour, but he ends up thinking she's a horrible, revolting and awful pickle. Jimmy explains that after a horrific accident, he is now terrified of pickles, so he and Beezy set out to prove she's a pickle. She ends up getting Beezy.Jimmy makes Heloise go, then she gets captured too, along with the police, the army, and even Cerbee. So Jimmy is left to save his friends, and pet. He tries to prove her pickle by finding weird things all around the house, but it's all just an excuse for company coming by. When Jimmy finds Beezy, Beezy explains that Jimmy's "pickle" neighbour, was feeding him sandwiches, and Heloise says she was braiding her hair. The scream heard was Beezy, thinking there were no more tarts. Everyone else was making jam. Jimmy apologizes to his neighbour. He is forgiven. When everyone leaves, the lady reveals she really is a pickle, and plans to rule Miseryville. Fortunately, Cerbee is still in the house, and eats the pickle alive. Heloise says they just heard a pickle screaming.


  • Jimmy Two Shoes
  • Beezy J. Heinous
  • Heloise
  • Mrs. Gurken
  • Cerbee
  • Police
  • Army


  • We learn that in this episode and "Zombie Pickle" Jimmy is afraid of pickles.
  • This episode is a parody of the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film, Rear Window.
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