Jimmy Two Shoes
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Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Monster
Residence Miseryville
Interests Chicken, Reading, Destruction
Production Information
First Appearance She Loves Me
Last Appearance She Loves Me
Voiced by Sunday Muse

Princess Arianna Legworthy is A damsel locked in a tower. She appears in "She Loves Me" waiting to be rescued by Jimmy and Beezy who fall in love with her. They compete to see who she wants more, not knowing she is actually a monster.


As nice, polite and kind she's pretending to be Arianna is really spoiled and sneaky. She was just pretending to be nice to Jimmy and Beezy only to get out of the tower.


Arianna has the appearance of a human princess with brown hair and green eyes who wears a purple dress. However her true form has the appearance of a insect/dragon hybrid with dark purple scales and mantis-like arms.


  • She is the second girl Jimmy and Beezy have fallen in love with.
  • Beezy breaks up with his girlfriend Saffi when he falls for Arianna.

Early Concept[]


Early Arianna

In an early image, Princess Arianna had blond hair, blue eyes and a 18th century pink dress.