Season 1
Production code 107a
Broadcast number 2
Written by Mark Steinberg
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere February 21, 2009
Teletoon (English) Premiere February 13, 2009
Paired with
Chez Beezy

Pop-sicles is a episode from Season 1.


After Beezy tries to create misery by dressing as a chicken, Lucius grounds him (which turns out to be Beezy buried in a sandbox.) Jimmy realizes how Beezy and Lucius aren't getting along so he decides to unfreeze Lucius Heinous VI in order to get Lucius and Beezy to talk. Unfortunately they all start arguing with each other, so Jimmy then unfreezes all the former Heinouses, excluding the first, but the arguing continues. Jimmy then poses as Lucius Heinous I in order to stop the argument, but the plan doesn't work out. Luckily, they end up being distracted long enough for them to be frozen again. Beezy and Lucius make up afterwards relizing they do have something in common, they both can't stand their relatives. In the end Beezy tells Lucius that the freezer is busted. Thinking Beezy means the freezer that holds The Heinouses, Lucius runs down to the basement screaming.


  • Cerbee doesn't appear in this episode.
  • Lucius Heinous VI makes more appearances after this episode.
  • A guy with drums and a cymbal can be seen 3 times in the episode. After a character makes a joke, he plays them just like a stand-up comedian would.
  • The Awe Guy makes an appearance.
  • All Heinouses (except Beezy Heinous and his father) were frozen because they were immortal.
  • Lucius heinous VII has a popsicle up his behind on the title scene and this show is for kids


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  • Beezy J. Heinous
  • Lucius Heinous VII
  • Jimmy Two Shoes
  • Heloise
  • Samy
  • Lucius Heinous VI
  • Lucius Heinous V
  • Lucius Heinous IV
  • Lucius Heinous III
  • Lucius Heinous II
  • Lucius Heinous I (mentioned)
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