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Peep two squirrels
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Monster
Age 14
Affiliations Jimmy
Family Rudolpho
Occupation Salesman
Residence Miseryville
Interests Pickpocketing, Heloise
Production Information
First Appearance Everyone Can Whistle
Last Appearance Heliose's Secret Admirer
Voiced by Christian Potenza

Peep (Jamie Two-Squirrels) is the son of Rudolpho. He first appears in "Everyone Can Whistle" to 'help' Jimmy. He is a pickpocket with a kind of Oliver Twist look.


He has a crush on Heloise because he finds her smashing and loves how she's cruel and cute. In "Heloise's Secret Admirer", he sends her a gift with a note signed J2S. Jimmy doesn't like him and was jealous when Peep and Heloise went on a date. He flirts with Heloise almost everytime he sees her, Heloise is not interested in him however.


Jimmy: Jimmy is his only friend. He started as his whistle trainer in "Everyone Can Whistle"; then in "Heliose's Secret Admirer", they start as enemies then become friends at the ending.



  • No one knew Rudolpho had a son until the 2nd season.
  • He was seen at the end of the season 2 opening with Rudolpho long before his first episode appearance in "Everyone Can Whistle".
  • He is the first character depicted as having a crush on Heloise.
  • When he was on a date with Heloise, Jimmy was jealous.
  • In "Heloise's Secret Admirer", he tells Jimmy he found his clothes in the garbage.
  • He has the same initials as Jimmy.
  • He is a salesman like his father. However, most of the items he sells are stolen or broken.
  • Peep's real name is Jamie Two-Squirrels, on acount that peep always has two squirrels in his pocket.
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