Jimmy and Beezy are rolling around Miseryville in an old truck tire when they crash in to the old wall of misery. Jimmy apoligizes for crashing into the wall so hard but Beezy tells him not to worry about it saying that the wall never smiles. So Jimmy decides to cheer the old wall up and manages to do so with a variety of banjo antics.

Lucius comes through a door in the wall and is shocked to see that the wall is smiling saying that the wall hasn't smiled in over two-hundred years. angry because of this Lucius challenges him to cheer up several more creatures and he does. Finally Lucius challenges Jimmy to cheer up the mysterious Mr. Ten who never smiles or laughs.

Confident of his ability to cheer people up he accepts the challenge and after many failed attempts he finds out that Mr. Ten does find Jimmy's material amusing the only reason he doesn't smile or laugh is that he has been "cursed" by Heloise who can't stand his laugh. Really he's not cursed, Heloise just told him to stop and it scared him so much he thought he was cursed.

In the end, Helosie removes the "curse" and Jimmy finally makes Mr. Ten laugh.

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