Jimmy Two Shoes
My So-Called Loaf
My so called loaf 03.jpg

My so called loaf 03.jpg My so called loaf 03.jpg

Season 2
Production code 220
Broadcast number 20b
Written by Josh Gal
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere July 12, 2011
Teletoon (English) Premiere January 7, 2012
Télétoon (French) Premiere January 5, 2012
Paired with
Going Green


When Jimmy creates "Sandy", the perfect sandwich, The first thing he tries is that Lucius does not eat it, he tries to keep it by keeping Lucius away from the house since he thinks he will not be able to make another sandwich so big and perfect, so Lucius starts to drool and cry.

Jimmy appreciates his work of art so much that he presents it in public, but they want the sandwich be eaten so Jimmy gives it to Lucius.

So Cowboy Stackhouse appears, a wild-west cowboy, who tries to woo it thinking it's a real lady... because he happens to be a living sandwich!    Jimmy must then convince him the sandwich is actually alive because the cawboy claims it and believes it to be a real lady.


  • In Tubi listings, the title of this episode was named It's a Wonderful Loaf, instead of My So-Called Loaf for some reason.