Monster Mutt
Season 1
Production code 101b
Broadcast number 25
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere February 28, 2009
Paired with

In Monster Mutt, Heloise switches Beezy's and Cerbee's bodies and Jimmy must convince her to switch them back.

Disney XD (US) February 28, 2009 (8pm/7 Central)

Teletoon - March 21st 2009 (7am)

Télétoon - March 21st 2009 (5pm - Hours)

Jetix (UK) April 18, 2009 (8:30am)

Nickelodeon (UK) 3rd August 2009 (6:30pm)

Nicktoons (UK) 2 November 2009 (5pm) (Same As Télétoon)

Disney XD (UK) 5 September 2009 (6pm)


Boing (Spain) April 24th 2011 (3:25pm/2:00am)