Miseryville Moments are short episode of Jimmy Two-Shoes. 30 shorts have been released so far:

  1. Beezy's Dance Moves: Jimmy shows you Beezy's dance moves.
  2. Tour Guide: Jimmy gives you a tour of Misery Inc.
  3. Beezy In Slumberland: Beezy has an adventure while sleepwalking.
  4. Grow-A-Monster: Jimmy waits for his hydro-monster to grow.
  5. Sweet Dreams: Heloise tricks a monster under her bed.
  6. Picture Day: Jimmy can't sit still while getting his picture taken.
  7. Weavil Season: Beezy tries to catch a weavil for his dish.
  8. Feeding Time: Jimmy feeds the squirrels in the park, but it gets out of hand.
  9. Say "Awe": The Awe guy goes to Heloise when he loses his voice.
  10. Couch Tripping: Jimmy and Beezy try out Beezy's new couch.
  11. Gone Corporate: Lucius has Beezy work at the factory.
  12. Boat-On-A-Rope: Jimmy and Beezy fear that they're lost at sea.
  13. When In Gnome: The Gnomans want to defeat Jimmy.
  14. My Jimmy: Jimmy discovers that he has an action figure.
  15. Nothing About Nothing: Beezy and Heloise think Miseryville is boring, and Jimmy tries to convince them otherwise
  16. Shadow Of A Doubt: Lucius fears that his shadow has shrunk.
  17. Pet Project: Cerbee has an unusual check-up with Dr. Scientist.
  18. Bathtime: Lucius plays with his duck during his bathtime.
  19. Random Acts Of Jimmy: Jimmy's friends mimic Jimmy's unusual dancing.
  20. Heinous For A Day: Jimmy and Beezy wears a Lucius costumes around the factory.
  21. All Dressed: The Schwarzentiger dresses Jimmy so he'll be more "tasteful"
  22. You Finish My Sandwiches: Beezy exercices while making a sandwich.
  23. Who Wants To Buy A Jimmy?: Beezy is selling all of JImmy's stuff on a televised informational shopping special.
  24. Blooper Reel: Jimmy and Lucius show some outtakes that didn't make it on the show.
  25. Help Me, Heloise: Heloise gives some "helpful" advice to the citizens of Miseryville.
  26. Miseryville Cribs: We get a special look inside Beezy's house.
  27. Team X-Treme Team: Jimmy and Beezy see who has what it takes to be a part of Team X-treme Team.
  28. Jimmy Runs The City: Jimmy gives some important tips while jogging through Miseryville.
  29. So You Think You Can Theme Song: Jimmy tries out a few new versions of his own theme song.
  30. Jimmy Gladiator: Gladiatron 5000 is the hottest video game, and Jimmy is up against a ferocious beast!
    • Note: This short is NOT seen on the Jimmy Two-Shoes Website. Instead, it shown only on Télétoon and DisneyXD.
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