Miseryville is the main setting for Jimmy Two-Shoes. It is a large city located in a hellish realm between the end of somewhere and the begining of nowhere. It is populated by all sorts of monsters and demons. It is ruled by the tyrannical Lucius Heinous the Seventh. The city is always under the constant torment of Lucius' company Misery Inc. whose main duty is to cause misfortune to all the city's residents, however the company's efforts as of late have been continuously foiled do to the antics of the always up-beat Jimmy Two-Shoes.



The world of Miseryville


Some of Miseryville's volcanoes with two suns of its three suns in the background

The city itself rests upon a vast gloomy wasteland with very few patches of green and brown grass scattered in certain areas and semi-dead trees and flowers being some of the few fauna in Miseryville. The area is surrounded by large seas of lava infested with giant sea-monsters, active volcanoes and tall spiky mountains in the shape of Lucius. The skies above are always dark red or green during day light and instead of having one regular sun the city has one very large sun and two smaller ones next to it which usually causes massive heat waves, however in contrast the night sky is quite beautiful with a large normal looking white moon located high in the sky with numerous glistening stars shining constantly. The far outskirts of the city are mostly composed of large forests inhabited by dangerous monsters, and Lucius' bodyguard Molotov often comes here during his vacation dressed as a monster in order to scare travelers.



Miseryville Park



A few random inhabitants

The inhabitants of Miseryville are made up of all sorts of monsters, demons, zombies and a few humans (Jimmy, Heloise and some people).


  • In the episode Pet Rocky, Beezy is shown in the snow, but it has never snowed in Miseryville by nature. In the same episode, Lucius has one of the three suns blown up.
  • The planet is shaped by its symbol.
  • Foundation date
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  • Miseryville is a old city possibly founded in 1200 ad or older
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