Jimmy Two Shoes

Misery Inc.

Misery Inc. is a mega corporation run by Lucius Heinous the 7th whose main goal is to cause as much misery as possible on the residents of Miseryville.

Working Conditions

Working Conditions in Misery Inc. is best summarized as: inhumane, incredibly lethal, and with no hope of retirement, vacations, or even breaks within the next millennium or so.

Every single worker in Misery Inc. is, more or less, forced to work in the gigantic factory where they either construct the various devices that make their lives miserable (The Assembly Lines), power the entire structure and the Heinous estate by running treadmills non-stop (The Power "Generators"), create chocolate for Lucius in the deep underground Chocolate Reserves of the Heinous Estate and the Factory (The Chocolate Workers), or serve as Heinous VII own private army (Minotaurs and large monsters need only apply). The sole exceptions to these inhumane and miserable working conditions are Lucius Heinous VII (CEO), Samy (PA; his working life is full of abuse, though), and Heloise (Head of R&D), though it appears that even they are not safe from the torture Misery Inc. produces.


There are no benefits from working in Misery Inc.

CEO Lucius Heinous VII frequently sees to it that every single worker, along with all of Miseryville, is miserable by providing workers with zero benefits (or even a salary), no breaks or going home for days/weeks/months/years/decades/centuries at a time, an extremely inhumane and hazardous work environment, and to top it all off is Heinous non-stop heckling, abuse and complaining to his workers via gigantic screens (all of which seem to be connected to the SpewTube). The monsters, though extremely miserable and at great risk of getting killed/severely maimed at work, have not much choice other than work in Misery Inc. seeing as most private establishments and other franchises are quickly taken over by Misery Inc. or are already being run by Heinous VII beefier henchmen (one in particular is frequently seen as the manager/cashier for the various establishments Jimmy and the others go to).


  • In The Big Drip, the factory has one V- shaped window on the top instead of three circular ones.
  • In Season Two, it has a reddish glow, making it more miserable.
  • Also, it appears to be twice as large.