MyseryvilleLogo2 Master XOX MyseryvilleLogo2
Personal Information
Aliases Lucy
Krusy (by Beezy)
Trucy (by Jimmy)
Nunsy (by Heloise)
Gender Male ♂
Species Rectangular demon
Age 50
Affiliations Misery Inc., Heloise, Jez
Family Beezy (son), Lucius Heinous VI (father), Lucius Heinous V (grandfather), Lucius Heinous IV (great-grandfather), Lucius Heinous III (great-great-grandfather), Lucius Heinous II (great-great-great-grandfather), Lucius Heinous I (great-great-great-great-grandfather), The Heinous family
Occupation Head of Misery Inc. and ruler of Miseryville
Residence Miseryville, Residential Area
Interests Misery, Torture, Suffering, Jez
Production Information
First Appearance Spew Tube / Monster Mutt

Master XOX is the tyrannical ruler of Miseryville.

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