Jimmy Two Shoes
MyseryvilleLogo2.jpg Luigi\Paulo MyseryvilleLogo2.jpg
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Monster
Residence Miseryville
Production Information
First Appearance Way Below Par
Voiced by Sean Cullen

Luigi-Paulo is a two-headed monster. The two names may refer to one head or the other. An Italian gentleman. Both heads usually argue with each other.


He is slightly shorter than Jimmy. They are green in color, and they wear a yellow shirt. They both have black hair, a long nose and a bushy mustache.



  • In "Way Below Par" they were eaten alive by piranhas, but are shown to be fine in later episodes.
  • In "A Cold Day In Miseryville" they were thrilled when they were accidently cut apart but disappointed when glued back together by a gooey cyclopotic.