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Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Demon
Family Lucius Heinous VII (son), Lucius Heinous V (father), Lucius Heinous IV (grandfather), Lucius Heinous III (great-grandfather), Lucius Heinous II (great-great-grandfather), Lucius Heinous I (great-great-great-grandfather), The Heinous family
Residence Miseryville
Interests Misery, Torture, Suffering
Production Information
First Appearance Pop-sicles
Last Appearance Heinous on Ice
Voiced by Sean Cullen

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He was the previous ruler of Miseryville, that is until his son Lucius Heinous VII took over by freezing him.

He gets around in a wheelchair which he pushes himself, though his arm's will occasionally fall off. He is shown to be a much more sinister ruler than his son,

He was preceded by his father Lucius the 5th.