MyseryvilleLogo2 Lovey MyseryvilleLogo2
Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Bird
Affiliations Lucius, Heloise, Beezy, Jimmy
Family Lucius (owner), Mama Bird
Residence Miseryville
Production Information
First Appearance Bird Brained
Voiced by David Berni

Lovey is the pet of Lucius Heinous VII. He loves her dearly because she helps to make all of his descisions. She appeared in the episode "Bird Brained" She seems to only be capable of saying "Grunk!" and "Snork!", except she can speak. However, she keeps this a secret from Lucius as she is very much upset about Lucius' constant requests.


Lovey has green feathers, long tail feathers and a headdress. She also has horns, unlike any other bird in Miseryville.


Lovey has a strict mother who constantly nags her to do things such as brush her teeth and clean her ears.

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