The Love Sweater

The Love Sweater was a blue sweater Heloise made in the episode Better Sweater.


The Love Sweater main function is to make the wearer fall madly in love with Heloise.

How It Was CreatedEdit

Heloise made the sweater out of 3 three-eyed sheep with blue wool after giving them good treatment such as treated them to ice cream,giving them healthy green grass to eat and love.


Heloise first created the sweater in attempt to make Jimmy fall for her and spend more time with her instead of beezy, however when Jimmy and Beezy trade their sweaters because they didn't like the color (a mistake she didn't know), Beezy fell for Heloise instead. However during a forced dinner date, she manage to tricked Beezy into trading the blue sweater with the green one and made Jimmy fall for her.



  • Unlike the Green Wool Sheeps, the Blue Wool Sheeps don't hold a grudge to Heloise for what she did to them as she took care of them.
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