Jimmy Two Shoes
Jimmy on the Spot
Season 2
Production code 221b
Broadcast number 22
Written by Mark Steinberg
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere July 12, 2011
Teletoon (English) Premiere TBA
Télétoon (French) Premiere TBA
Paired with
Better Sweater


Jimmy is asked to hold a spot for someone, and promises not to move no matter what! But there seems to be something a little strange about the request...


The episode begins with Jimmy riding a unicycle around rhino man on a spot, who tried to get his attention but was not able to until he dropped a cider block on the ground and Jimmy fell off. The rhino man asked Jimmy for a favor; to keep an eye on his spot and make sure he doesn't move until he get back, which Jimmy made a two-shoes promise and set on the spot. There rhino man told Jimmy his time starts now and left Jimmy alone, As he left Jimmy notice a few strange things as he is on the spot. The first was a pirate who offer him his treasure for the spot, which he refuse, then a mother panda offered to give Jimmy her baby son for the spot but refuse again and last a ice cream truck (driven by Samy) is giving out 3 packages of Jimmy's favorite ice cream but Jimmy still refuse to leave the spot.

We then cut to the rhino man, who is revealed to be a tv host, and both the pirate and panda mom are really his lovely assistants, it also revealed to be a new realty show where if Jimmy stays on the spot for one more hour then he'll win the grand prize; Lucius Heinous the 7th entire fortune. However when Lucius discover that Jimmy is the next contestant, he became outraged and punished the Rhino man as he told him Jimmy two shoes is NEVER allowed on the show as it turns out when Lucius said in a commercial that if there's one monster who is nice enough to stay on the spot, he'll give up his entire fortune, but knowing that there's not one monster who is nice, Lucius believed he'll be safe and reveal that the reason why he didn't what Jimmy on the show is because Jimmy IS that nice guy from before and will refuse to give up the spot and win the fortune, it is shown that Jimmy is being eaten by a snake but still refuse to move.

Furious and Worried, Lucius had Beezy and Heloise on the show and give them a simple job; to get Jimmy off the spot and not win his fortune, At first they refuse until he told them that betraying people on tv is normal and offered them a sweet deal; a romantic trip for two for Heloise and her choice (Jimmy) and for Beezy; a air horn.



Samy is seen in his mutation form as seen in The Terrific Trio.