Jimmy Two Shoes
Jimmy in the Big House
Jimmy In The Big House title card.png
Season 1
Production code 125b
Broadcast number 25
Written by Scott Oh
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere November 7, 2009
Paired with
Heloise’s Big Secret


For burying Lucius, Cerbee has been taken to the Miseryville Prison for Unruly Animals! Now it's up to Jimmy and Beezy to bust him out. policeman


Jimmy is playing fetch with his dog, Cerbee. When Cerbee fetches Lucius and then buries him, he gets arrested and taken to an animal prison by General Molotov. Jimmy and Beezy secretly come to visit him and tell him that they will find a way to break him out. Unfortunately, since Jimmy used a megaphone to talk to Cerbee, they are quickly surrounded by guards. Before they are caught, Jimmy is able to distract them with a lollipop and escape.

Later they meet up with Heloise who tells them that they can't get into the prison unless they're animals that have commited a crime. Beezy gets an idea and the two boys disguise themselves as pandas, attack Lucius and are arrested. After a fight with their cellmate, they discover that Cerbee already got himself out. Jimmy tells Cerbee to get Heloise to help them escape. Heloise doesn't seem to understand however, and just offers a steak that takes Cerbee's mind away from it.

Back at the prison, Jimmy and Beezy are struggling to find an escape that isn't a trap. They try getting out through the air vents but another trap is activated and the two are shot outside where they land on two prison inmates and are attacked. Back at Heloise's house, Heloise is able to figure out Jimmy and Beezy are stuck in prison after Cerbee farts and leaves to help them. Jimmy and Beezy decide to give up trying to escape and are about to be sprayed by a skunk until Heloise breaks into the prison, setting all the prisoners free.

Later, Molotov comes to Jimmy's house to arrest everyone again but Heloise sends him flying with a wrecking ball, right into a forest full of angry skunks who spray him.


  • Jimmy: I'm not a panda! I'm not! I'm Jimmy Two-Shoes! That's two feet, not two paws! I'm goin' mad! You hear me?! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!
  • Heloise: If you're watching this, you're well on your way to escaping... Just kidding! No one escapes!


  • This is the second episode where General Molotov has a bigger role than Lucius.
  • Samy doesn't appear in this episode.
  • When Jimmy says "Don't eat that slop! It's meant for filthy disgusting animals!", Beezy can be seen growling with the other prisoners.
  • It is shown that Heloise has a room dedicated to Jimmy other than the Jimmy shrine.


  • Jimmy two shoes
  • Beezy
  • Heloise
  • Cerbee
  • Lucius
  • Molotov
  • Chuck The Bus Driver