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Jimmy One Shoe in first appearance during Power Squid & Spaghetti Beezy
Personal Information
Aliases (none)
Gender Male
Species Unknown human-like species with one leg and oddly shaped head with no neck
Residence Miseryville
Production Information
First Appearance Power Squid & Spaghetti Beezy
Last Appearance Is background character in last episode.

Jimmy One Shoe is a joke character and background character throughout the series

Character Outline Edit

Jimmy One Shoe is a character used usually as a gag. This began with when Jimmy (two shoes) lost his shoe and said "I can't be Jimmy Two Shoes with just one shoe! I'd be... Jimmy One Shoe." which was followed by Jimmy (one shoe) saying "...and that name is already taken" before hopping away.

Quotes Edit

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Episode Appearances Edit

  • Power Squid & Spaghetti Beezy

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