Jimmy Two Shoes
Jimmy Matchmaker
Jimmy Matchmaker.jpg
Season 1
Production code 104b
Broadcast number 25
Written by Scott Oh
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere April 4, 2009
Paired with
Way Below Par


For an unveiling of his new statue, Lucius holds a fancy party where Beezy must bring a date. Jimmy sets him up with a super cute but very strange girl named Saffi. Unfortunately, she won't stop yelling "must crush Lucius!"...


A new statue has been built in Lucius’ image, and the man of misery himself has decided to host a fancy party to unveil it. He finds Jimmy and Beezy playing with miniature versions of the statue and informs his son that he will need to bring a date with him to the party.

Jimmy tries to help Beezy find a date, only to get himself smacked by every girl when they see Beezy doing something repulsive. Stuck on what to do, Jimmy comes across a manic woman named Saffi whose behavior inspires him to introduce her to Beezy. Bringing Saffi to Beezy’s house, the two instantly hit it off and begin dating with a montage.

Jimmy notices that Saffi has a tendency to crush the mini statues of Lucius and fears that she is going to do the same to the real Lucius. Jimmy tries to talk to Beezy about it but he ignores Jimmy and invites her to the party. The night of the party arrives and Jimmy is attempting to keep Saffi away to no avail, with her causing chaos and knocking over Lucius’ date Jez and causing her to leave. Saffi destroys the large statue and reveals that she hates statues, not Lucius. Enraged by the party being ruined and Jez leaving, Lucius forces Jimmy to glue his statue back together.




  • Beezy: Fine! See you there! Girl in hand! (to Jimmy, in a low voice): How do you look in a dress?
    • Jimmy: Are we talking full-length or mini? I mean, there's no way you're getting me in a dress!
  • Jimmy: Well that's it. No more match-making for me.
    • Heloise: Maybe not for Beezy, but what about you and me?
      • Jimmy: What about you and me what?
        • Heloise: [Whistles, points at Jimmy then at herself]
        • Jimmy: What's that?
        • Heloise: [Repeats action angerly]
        • Jimmy: Why are you whistling?
        • Heloise: [Growls and punches the statue]