Jimmy Two Shoes
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Personal Information
Aliases Power Squid
Ji-may (by Beezy J. Heinous in the intro of season 2)
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 14 (season 1)

15 (season 2)

16 (season 3)

Affiliations Heloise, Beezy
Family Alison (mother), Cerbee (pet)
Residence Miseryville, Residential Area
Interests Crazy stunts, goofing off, anything that seems fun
Production Information
First Appearance I Totally Shredded My Cheese (broadcast order)
Spew Tube (production order)
Last Appearance Slime, Slimier, Slimiest
Voiced by Cory Doran

As the main protagonist of the series, he is a perpetually optimistic, thrill-seeking 14-year-old boy. It is shown to be almost impossible to get him upset and he is rather ignorant of the faults in others. He often makes it his mission to spread happiness to Miseryville, which makes him a source of irritation to Lucius Heinous whom Jimmy nicknames "Lucy". He owns a pet monster named Cerbee, whose demeanor is very similar to that of a dog.

Physical Appearance

He is tall. He has blonde hair and apricot skin. He wears a green shirt with two pairs of white stripes, blue pants with two navy blue stripes on the way end, and black and white shoes with white laces.

Jimmy standL.png


Jimmy is a optimistic, outgoing, and enthusiastic boy who is always friendly towards everyone he meets. He is best friends with Beezy and Heloise and is happy and courageous enough to help others in danger. Jimmy is naive and gullible and usually ignores any of Heloise's warnings but will usually need to go to her if something goes wrong. Jimmy can sometimes get competitive and greedy with others to get something he wants.

He has a super hero identity named Power Squid where he wears a squid on his head, a mask and purple gloves.

Jimmy is usually a nice guy but he lost his temper if annoyed e.g in "Dance Jimmy Dance" he was mad at Beezy and Heloise for going to a dance contest without him and telling him that he couldn't dance.

In "High School Mule-sical" when a mule was making fun of him he kicked it across the stage.

And in "Jimmy New-Shoes" when he tried to get his old shoes back but was told they had been sold he got upset and yelled.

Also In Good Old Jimmy Jimmy has gotten furious of everyone telling him he was too young to do things that were only allowed for grow ups, that lead him to scream into a mailbox.

In the episodes Too Many Jimmy's and Head Will Roll, Jimmy stated that volleyball is his favorite sport next to soccer.

It's strongly implied that Jimmy is not native to Miseryville and hasn't lived in Miseryville for very long, as shown in a few episodes, e.g. he doesn't know about hibernation in 'I Am Jimmy' or didn't know the definition of "grounded" in Miseryville (literally means being buried to the head up in sand and/or dirt). He also was unaware of spring break he was also the only one aware of the concept of things like snow and carnivals that were unknown to most civilans prior to his revealing them to Heloise. Though where he comes from or how he came to be in Miseryville was never mentioned.


Jimmy is generally clueless about Heloise's crush on him. In "There's Always a Hiccup!", he was reluctant to kiss her. He also rejected the opportunity to kiss her in "I Am Jimmy". However, he has shown some affection to her on several occasions. He was worried about her losing her job in "Catalogue of Misery". He complemented on her dress in "Scent of a Heinous". He was the only one who wanted to rescue her in "Henious vs Clown" and he was trying to get her attention in "Misery Hearts" by offering to finish her romance novel for her after she gave him a cold shoulder and only had paid any attention to Beezy.

In "Heloise Schmeloise" Jimmy falls in love for first time with a robot clone of Heloise named Schmeloise. Jimmy becomes Schmeloise's boyfriend and makes Heloise insanely jealous. Schmeloise ends up being destroyed at the end of the episode, which breaks Jimmy's heart.

The second time that Jimmy's ever had a crush was in "She Loves Me" when he and Beezy find a girl in a tower named Princess Arianna. They both try to impress her, not knowing that she was actually a monster.

In the episode "Heloise's Secret Admirer" Heloise dates Peep (Jaymee Two Squirrels) after being given a gift and flattering note. When Jimmy found out she had a secret admirer it gets suspicious but when he found out its Peep, Jimmy gets jealous of her new boyfriend and believe that their relationship is been forgotten and Heloise rejects Peep as his boyfriend and chose Jimmy as her new boyfriend.

In Better Sweater, Jimmy fell in love with Heloise because of the blue sweater (showing his affectionate side), he mentions that 'he could not hide his feelings for her', so he has feelings for Heloise but is unaware of it.


  • Beezy (Best friend)
  • Cerbee (pet)
  • Heloise (Best friend)
  • Saffi (Beezy's ex/girlfriend)' jimmy two shoes' father [father, deceased]


Early concept

The original clothes slated for Jimmy.

In the early stages of development, Jimmy was originally planned to be a polite and hyperactive kid who was accidentally sent to the underworld. But due to complications, they decided to make the show more kid friendly.

Jimmy visually resembles his original design (without a bow tie). Also in the series he is capable of performing acts that a normal person shouldn't be able to do (as evidenced in the Abilities section).

In Other Languages


Character Names

Voice Dub

French Jimmy L'intrépide(Canada)
Jimmy L'éclate(France)
Gabriel Lessard
Italian Jimmy Two-Shoes Davide Garbolino
Dutch Jimmy Two-Shoes Florus van Rooijen
Hebrew ג'ימי קול Michael Einav


  • Season 1-2

All Season 1 episodes


  • His name is a pun on the word Goody Two-Shoes.
  • In "There's Always a Hiccup!", Jimmy is drawn on the the blueprints Lucius shows to Heloise.
  • Jimmy is not scared of the Weavils. Instead, he's overly friendly towards them, and is often oblivious to their evil schemes.
  • Jimmy hates butterscotch.
  • His missing tooth switches sides from time to time, depending on what side he's facing, however it is most often on the right side of his head.
  • In Season 1 Jimmy's number one dream was to fly a rocket into space but his dream changed to flying a plane in Season 2 (probably because he achieved his first dream).
  • It has been hinted in many episodes that Jimmy has a love of planes, even saying in "Air Force None" that it was his number one dream to fly one.
  • In "Six Over Seven", Jimmy is the definition of fun (literally, as in a dictionary definition of fun includes a picture of Jimmy).
  • Jimmy's voice actor, Cory Doran voices Mike from Total Drama.
  • Jimmy has his own anime version, Jimmy Two-Shoes Z, created by Neve Grace Irvine. He is a superhero.
  • Jimmy's shoe size is 8 1/2.
  • There both voices by Cory Doran (yet sound the same)
  • Mikes total drama realoaded design look like Jimmy but they change Mike's design because they were two simililare.

In other 

  • Jimmy can be seen in cameos in the Flash shorts.

Pop culture

  • The phrase "Goody Two Shoes" entered into popular media with "The History of Goody Two-Shoes".