Jimmy Two Shoes


When Jimmy saves Lucius's life, he "owns him one". Lucius is determined to make them even.


After saving Lucius from getting crushed by his own statue, Jimmy mentions that Lucius owes him one, not realizing how serious this is to the Heinous. Lucius has nightmares of being forced to entertain his worst enemy and scrambles to the freezer to ask his frozen father for advice (with the hollow promise of keeping him unfrozen.) Lucius the Sixth says he needs to settle the score, so the seventh (after freezing his father.) tries to bribe Jimmy with a wheelbarrow of golden objects.

Deciding that he has to save Jimmy's life to get even, Lucius plots multiple attempts to endanger the boy only to fall victim to his own plots and get himself run over and smashed. Going back to his father (and refreezing him again despite his promise) Lucius realizes he was going too soft on Jimmy and that he needs to do something truly Heinous. Lucius goes on a picnic with Jimmy intending for Samy to attack them dressed as a Grugly, except a real Grugly attacks them instead. Jimmy ends up rescuing Lucius once more, who breaks down and asks what he has to do to get even. He ends up doing exactly what he had nightmares of, only to learn that it was Samy's idea and he stills owes Two Shoes.



  • Jimmy: Friends watch friends sleep.
  • Lucius: (After freezing his father again) Oops. I've made a terrible, terrible mistake. (Smiles evilly) Again.