Jimmy Two Shoes
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Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Monster
Family Jazmeen (pet) unnamed father Maria (sister)
Residence Miseryville
Interests Manipulation, money, A Reliable Boyfriend
Production Information
First Appearance Jimmy MatchMaker
Last Appearance Good Old Jimmy
Voiced by Valerie Buhagiar

Jez is a recurring side character in the show.


She resembles a tall, blue demon who has interchangeable noses. She has large breasts which are high up on her chest and nearly reach her waist. Her bottom is as big as well, giving her an hourglass figure. She has big, poofy blonde hair, orange eyes and a small mole on her left cheek, She has two small horns on the top of her head as well as slightly curved horns that are essentially her ears. She wears a black chocker and a two-toned sleeveless purple dress. She has three-toed black feet.


Lucius's girlfriend is very uppity, and on many occasions threatens to break up with Lucius if he is unable to please her (an act which is near impossible as she is shown to be very picky). She has eccentric tastes, loving a messy haircut the Frustrato-Bot gave her, yet being horrified when it shaved her head. She lives in a white mansion and owns a dog named Jazmeen, who once fell in love with Jimmy's dog, Cerbee. She is shown to only like Lucius for his money and power and sometimes can't remember his name.

Resemblance to Other Characters[]

Jez is similiar to Piranhica from Fish Hooks, both are girlfriends, both love money, and they even have blond/yellow hair.


  • Jimmy MatchMaker
  • A Present for Jez
  • Good Old Jimmy