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I Totally Shredded My Cheese
Season 1
Production code 1
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After doing a stunt that involves riding a garbage can lid on a geyser, Jimmy gets a bad injury, and says "I Totally Shredded My Cheese", which soon becomes a famous line, that Lucius Heinous VII uses to sell his fat drink, "Diet Chunk". Pretty soon everyone starts drinking Diet Chunk, which makes them fat. Jimmy soon becomes a superstar with lots of fans. So many, that he gets trapped in his own house. Lucius learns that Jimmy is becoming more famous than him, so he decides to make his own catchphrase, "That's My Heinous!". Jimmy sees Lucius outside on the geyser announcing his catchphrase when all of a sudden, the guyser blasts him up. When he lands, he responds with the line "I Cracked My Corn", which makes everyone laugh. Jimmy says it's a good catchphrase while Lucius keeps asking for help.


  • The famous geyser is located right outside Jimmy's house.
  • A big Lava Worm lives under Cerbee's dog house.
  • jimmy says hadouken from street fighter in one of the commercial.

Deaths Edit

A few Miseryvillains are devoured by a large grub.

Injuries Edit

Jimmy lands in the geyser, the garbage can lid falls on him, and burns his back as a result.

An senior citizen is swallowed and spit out by a baby.

A Miseryvillain gets crushed by a monster truck, but he survives.

A bridge beneath two fat and drunk Miseryvillains collapses due to their weight

Samy's head is whacked by Lucius's mirror.

Lucius lands in the geyser


  • Jimmy Two Shoes.
  • Beezy J. Heinous.
  • Heloise.
  • Samy Garvin.
  • Lucius Heinous VII.