Jimmy Two Shoes


At Beezy's home, Jimmy introduces several talent acts to Beezy, who is searching for a star to headline the upcoming Heinous Gala. Beezy is unimpressed by each of the acts, including Heloise who tries to sing until the Heinous throws a tomato at her. With every other act rejected, Jimmy puts on a performance of his own to convince his best friend to let him be the talent, to no avail. A heavenly voice reaches the boys, the song comes from a singing mule who Beezy chooses as his star. Jimmy is dejected, though Heloise lifts his spirits by telling him he's 'not trash'. Rehearsals go underway and Heloise's manipulations convince Beezy to put Jimmy in the show to make the mule look better.

Lucius, meanwhile, isn't looking forward to the Heinous Gala at all, saying that it's always embarrassing like everything his son does. Samy tells his boss this time will be different as he shows a video of the singing mule, impressing Lucius enough for him to decide to make this the biggest gala yet and broadcast it live across Miseryville. Beezy continues to put Jimmy down at rehearsals, the latter sulks to Heloise who reveals that she's the reason the mule can sing. She blasted the mule with a talent enhancer, and destroys the device in front of Jimmy so the mule loses his talent. It was her plan to spite Beezy for turning her act down and now the gala is going to star one untalented mule. Jimmy doesn't want part in her plan until she tells him that with the mule out of talent, he gets to be the star.

The mule fails to live up to the hype during a promotional broadcast, worrying Jimmy. He tries to ask Lucius about the (hypothetical) consequences of the show being a disaster, and is told it would ruin the Heinous' relationship with his son (and waste his ensemble). Jimmy tries to work with the mule for the sake of the show, but the mule doesn't listen. He considers telling Beezy the truth, but decides against it with Heloise reassuring him that he has enough talent for the both of them. Jimmy accurately deduces that the real reason she's encouraging him is so that he'll embarrass himself further for her enjoyment.

The Gala arrives and just before the curtains rise, the mule reveals to Jimmy that he can talk. The show starts and it quickly turns into a slapstick act with Jimmy and the mule insulting each other. Luckily, it's a hit with the audience and Lucius tells Beezy it wasn't a complete and utter humiliation, the best praise his son could receive.


  • The title is a reference to "High School Musical"


  • Jimmy
  • Beezy
  • Heloise
  • Singing Mule
  • Lucius Heinous VII
  • Samy Garvin
  • Dr. Scientist