Heloise Schmeloise
Heloise Schmeloise
Season 2
Production code 207b
Broadcast number 7
Written by Shelley Hoffman

Robert Pincombe

Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere January 15, 2011
Teletoon (English) Premiere November 18, 2010
Paired with
High School Mule-sical


Heloise uses a cloning machine to make a new assistant called Schmeloise that looks just like her. But Jimmy soon develops a crush on the Heloise clone.


When Dorkus keeps taking breaks and ignoring Heloise's orders, Heloise makes a look-a-like in her cloning machine, which she decides to call Schmeloise. Things go well at first, Schmeloise turns out to be a great assistant who does everything Heloise tells her to do. While Heloise is relaxing however, Jimmy tells her that he has fallen in love with Schmeloise which, of course, makes Heloise extremely jealous.


  • Heloise breaks the fourth wall by looking at the camera and say she popular.
  • At near the end of the episode there's a king kong reference.



  • (Jimmy)
  • (Beezy)
  • (Heloise)
  • (Schmeloise)
  • (Dorkus)
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