Heloise's Big Secret
Season 1
Production code 125a
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere November 7, 2009
Paired with
Jimmy in the Big House


Jimmy and Beezy find out that Heloise plays with dolls, but the dolls are not the kind you'd expect.


The episode starts with Jimmy, Beezy and Heloise in the Chez Garbage Restaurant. Everybody's happy until Heloise tazers Jimmy and Beezy, leaving marks on them. Heloise says it's for scientific research. The boys get suspicions after Heloise goes on a mad rush tazering all of the Miseryvillians.

While following her, they find Heloise dancing on a manhole, which takes her into the sewer. Jimmy and Beezy simply dive into the manhole and follow Heloise into a secret room, which they find contains dolls which resemble everyone in Miseryville. They laugh about them and tell everyone in Miseryville.

At Beezy's house, the boys start throwing the dolls and beating them up. The dolls had bumps the same as the ones left by the tazer, which glowed when something happened to the doll. The boys were unknowing that everyone in Miseryville was floating in the air and being beaten up while doing so. Heloise saw this, so went back to her underground lair in the sewer.

While tapping the code, Lucius remarks that she likes dolls and dancing. Heloise got upset about this. When Heloise got to the lair, she saw that the dolls were missing.

She finds Jimmy and Beezy carrying the dolls around Miseryville. She sees that they are upset with each other and are tearing their stuffed equivalents apart, therefore leaving themselves a heap of body parts. Heloise is now very upset that Jimmy and Beezy have been mucking around with her dolls and literally bashed the stuffing out of them. The now disassembled Molotov asked if Heloise would put them back together again. Clearly there were no prizes for guessing the answer!

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