Jimmy Two Shoes
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Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 14
Affiliations Jimmy, Beezy
Family Sweet Aunty Pomegranate, Herman
Occupation Scientist at Misery Inc.
Residence Miseryville, Residential Area
Interests Jimmy (best friend/boyfriend), Science, Torture, Misery, Cookies
Production Information
First Appearance I Totally Shredded My Cheese (broadcast order)

Spew Tube (production order)

Last Appearance Slime, Slimier, Slimiest (in the series)

Follow that Quizblock (Skatoony NA version)

Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain

Heloise is Herman’s cousin and Jimmy’s best friend and girlfriend. She is a super-intelligent and destructive young girl. Her mad scientist mind and penchant for chaos are hidden behind a facade of a diminutive sweetness. She is seemingly one of the only two human characters in the show and works for Lucius by creating weapons of mass destruction.


Heloise is short (exactly, she is teenage years old.) and has dirty blonde hair pulled into a ponytail and greyish-blue eyes. She has a long stitched scar on her forehead of unknown origin that is usually half-covered by her hair. She usually wears a red dress that terminates in a curved point. She does not appear to possess legs, they are always hidden. In one episode, Jimmy makes a reference to her "nonexistent feet". Although in Something About Herman, when she was dressed like her cousin, she is wearing pants and shoes, which shows that she does have feet.


Heloise gets an evil idea of vengeance.

Heloise shows that she is intelligent, confident and a bit selfish. She has been known to enjoy her position as the Head of R&D (research and development) at Misery Inc. where she makes products to cause misery.

Even though Heloise seems like she's vicious, crafty, and a bit of prank-master, Heloise has shown to have a good side to her as she can be a very loyal, considerate, kind, romantic, and a good friend. She's very sensitive when someone teases or makes fun of her and will often react with rage especially when people call her a little girl. She also appears to be quite physically strong, despite her size, and relatively fearless.

In season 2, Heloise seems more happy, cheerful, and bubbly, yet she still retains her sadistic ways. She smiles more while in the first season she was sarcastic. Her aunt Pomegranate gave her the cutest nickname in What's Up With Heloise?, Poppy is what her aunt called her.

When someone gets in her way or makes her angry enough, Heloise will often try to destroy them or frighten them away, like in the episode Panda-Monium where she tries to get rid of the pandas by showing them how evil she is.

Heloise is Trouble Bubble Girl

She has a superhero identity as "Trouble Bubble Girl". Similar to Sailor Moon, she wears a pink skirt with a white shirt and pink mittens. With her hair dyed pink, purple glasses, pink heart-shaped earrings, wand, and a tiara. She has a scepter that blows different types of bubbles that has powers ranging from explosives to levitation. She appeared as Trouble Bubble Girl in The Terrific Trio with Jimmy and Beezy as Power Squid and Spaghetti Beezy respectively.


"Heloise" is a girl's name of French origin meaning "healthy or wide" but it could also be a pun on the word "Hell" added to the name "Louise", which means "famous Warrior" or "Long-held".

Heloise could also be a cross between Hell and Eloise.



Heloise has had a massive crush on Jimmy since the beginning of the series. According to series creator Edward Kay, she fell for him because "there's something about sweet, innocent guys that appeals to the last shred of humanity in her." She has made numerous attempts to win his heart, but Jimmy remains oblivious to her affection, despite her lack of subtlety in the regard.

The Jimmy Shrine.

The depth of her crush on Jimmy is shown in the episode "Fused Together" when Dorkus discovers she has a shrine to Jimmy hidden behind a bookcase, which is triggered by pulling a lever next to it. She quickly made him forget by pulling out his brain, slapping him with it, and then throwing it away. The shrine appears again in "Best Bud Battle" and "Pet Rocky", though in the latter it's behind the fireplace. She also showed her affection in "Jimmy MatchMaker" at the grand opening of Lucius' statue. There, Heloise was whistling and trying to signal that she and Jimmy should hang out together. As usual, Jimmy failed to get the message.

In Miseryville Moments: Help Me, Heloise

In the second season, she continues to attempt to get Jimmy's attention in many moments by trying to look cute to Jimmy. She even protects Jimmy like in the episode Heloise's Rival when Mean Jean challenges her to trick, scare, and hurt him but Heloise doesn't want to and in the end, she beat Mean Jean and protected Jimmy from being thrown across the city. In Better Sweater she made a blue love sweater for Jimmy, it didn't work at first because he put on the fear sweater instead, but when he had it on he was totally affectionate to her and said "I can no longer hide my feelings, I adore you" so he really did admit he likes her, and he was jealous when Heloise dated Peep inHeloise's Secret Admirer.



Heloise and Beezy are frenemies of sorts in the show. Beezy finds her boring and a bit too serious while Heloise just thinks of him as quirky, disgusting, and very annoying. Although in some episodes they do get along, like in Pet Rocky she helped him get his "pet" back and in Dance Jimmy Dance they went to a dance competition together. Despite her dislike of Beezy, she tolerates him only to be around Jimmy. Beezy shares the same feeling of resentment. The pair accidentally kissed once to each other's disgust. Heloise also doesn't really like any Henious.


Heloise appears to not have much respect for Lucius, despite him being her boss. This is likely due to her being one of the main, if not the only reason Lucius is able to continually keep the citizens of Miseryville miserable, thanks to her inventions. She appears to be aware of this in "Heloise's Wish List". However in "Catalogue of Misery" she seems concerned when Lucius threatened to fire her when Jimmy complained about her products. Interestingly, Lucius appears to even have some degree of fear of her in some episodes, despite his authority.


Heloise seems to take more of a liking to Cerbee. This is probably evident in the fact that Heloise finds Cerbee cute when he was trying to tell her something in "Jimmy in the Big House". using him as a power source for the snow machine in "A Cold Day In Miseryville' and even ready to help him when it comes to love in "Cerbee In Love". It is also undoubtedly true that Cerbee likes Heloise, which is very evidently proven by the fact that Cerbee has never eaten or even tried to bite Heloise.



In "Heloise's Secret Admirer" Heloise did date Peep to get Jimmy jealous. Peep actually has an enormous crush on Heloise as is shown in his first episode "Everyone Can Whistle", he usually always attempts to flirt with her to a bit success whenever she's around.

In Other Languages[]

Languages Character Names Voice Dub
French Héloïse Marika Lhoumeau
Italian Heloise Monica Bertolotti
German Hölluis Marie Louise Schramm
Dutch Heloise Lottie Hellingman
Russian Элоиза Olga Kuznetsova
Hebrew הלואיז קול Anat Erlich
Japanese エロイーズ Yuka Takakura

Note: In some dubs, like the European Spanish and Turkish, Heloise resembles as a cute little girl with evil complex. However, in other dubs, she resembles as a grown-up teenager, like in the Dutch, German and Swedish, in contrast with the original voice in English by Tabitha St. Germain.

Early concept[]

Heloise pilot.png

In an earlier concept, Heloise was the spirit of a serial killer sent to Hell.[citation needed] She had pale/green skin and had rather ghoulish facial features but maintained the same petite silhouette, as can be seen in one leaked screencap and two promotional images. She was hired by Lucius to torture Jimmy in the afterlife, which she was eager to do, but she found it difficult because Jimmy was impossible to displease. These aspects of her personality have been dropped, though artifacts of them like her working for Lucius and her general sadism linger. The long, stitched scar on her forehead may also be a nod to her undead origins, but the creator maintains that it was an aesthetic choice with no real explanation.


  • Heloise is the only main character without a last name.
  • Heloise's age is unknown, and there's no proof on any episode to speculate her real age. However, it's stated that she is average the age of Jimmy. But according to Edward Kay, Heloise would chronologically be between 14 and 15 (probably 14).
  • Heloise's Jimmy Shrine has a new location (or just new entrance) for each episode.
  • Like Jimmy, Heloise is not scared of Weavils. Instead, she's rather aggressive against them.
  • Heloise's scar changes position depending on which direction she's facing.
  • Despite working for Lucius Heinous VII, it's shown he actually fears Heloise because of her violent nature.
  • She had a mermaid appearance in Air Force None, Lucius Lost and The Hooded Chicken.
  • Once, Heloise switched bodies with Jimmy, agreeing that she'd switch them back after dessert (Monster Mutt)
  • Heloise has heat vision in Spring Broke.
  • In Season 2, Heloise's affections are shown more. (Misery Hearts & Heloise's Secret Admirer)
  • Heloise's expressions on Season 2 are dramatically different in some episodes, especially on her eyebrows when she gets angry.
  • In the season two episode Something About Herman, it is made clear that Heloise, indeed, has legs. This is also the case in The Terrific Trio but it is only shown briefly. It is also shown in Heloise's Secret Admirer when she's "driving" the Jimmy Mobile at the end.
  • Although Lucius knew about her crush on Jimmy in the episode Scent of a Heinous, in Misery Hearts she accidentally reveals her crush to him.
  • In What's Up With Heloise? her ponytail was shown to be a phone.
  • In Heloise Schmeloise, Heloise destroyed her Jimmy Shrine and it has yet to be seen repaired or rebuilt.
  • In Heloise's Secret Admirer and Heloise Schmeloise, it is shown that Beezy knows about her crush on Jimmy.
  • In Mysterious Mr. 10, it seems that along with inventions, Heloise can also make Mr. 10 think she has the ability to create or perform hexes and curses.
  • Heloise appeared in the third season of the live action/cartoon Canadian quiz show: Skatoony. It is implied other Jimmy Two-Shoes characters had appeared as well.
  • The only episodes that Heloise does not appear in our Meet the Gnomans and Going Green.