Jimmy Two Shoes

The town is hating on Lucious because all of his desisions were bad. He brings a giant, tasty bird to Miseryvile (but it was still alive). He updates cars to monstertrucks (but it just creates more destruction), and puts his son Beezy in charge of the electricty (though ironically due to Beezy's lazyness, the power goes out). He puts Jimmy in charge of taking peoples suggestion (but doesn't want him to do anything about it). Jimmy does it anyway he takes advice T.C.F.M by making people more energised, feeding trash to sandworms, and allowing people to ride gruglys. Jimmy goes to meet him. When he comes out it turns out he is a green, look-alike, hippie version of Beezy (with blue pants). He tells Jimmy and Beezy to call him Thorn. Thorn shows them what should change the smug coming from the factory. Jimmy tells him that smug is also a product. Jimmy offers him a soda. After they were finished Jimmy and Beezy threw the cans in the river. Thorn scolds him for this telling him what if fish threw their cans on land ironically they do, knocking thorn unconcious. They take him to Beezy's house. Thorn scolds Beezy for wasting electricity by leaving everything on. When it was snack time Beezy cooks 12 turkies. When Thorn questions this, Beezy in responces says the 12th is the tastiest. Apperantly, wasting the other 11th turkeys. Thorn tells him he should feed the needy. But Beezy doesn't understand. Jimmy tells him he should play Beezy says with them. Beezy does with Pete and 2 other homeless kids telling them to touch their toes. Dance like a chicken and put their foot in their mouth. One kid gets out and gets pummled by 2 of Lucious guards. Thorn is confused until Jimmy tells them that because he is a heignous and comes in their bloodline the town has to do what he says or else. Beezy bites threw a tomato and the juice squrits on Thorn making his face look like Beezy. Thorn gets the idea of using Beezy's  game to his advantage. By telling everyone what they have to do or else. Lucious finds out and reveals that Thorn was an imposter.  Thorn tells him that he can't him for creating peace. But Lucious brings Thorns father (a green, mustached, westerned version of Lucious. And drags him off so he could clean his room. Lucious attempts to destroy the suggestion box (Jimmy's house) but Jimmy wanted to destroy it without destruction, by feeding it to the sand worms