Fused Together
Fused Together
Season 1
Production code 121a
Broadcast number 22
Written by Terry Saltsman
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere October 17, 2009
Paired with
Bus Driving BFF


Heloise gets revenge when Jimmy spends too much time with Beezy and shows up late to hang out with her. She uses her latest invention to bring the boys together...permanently!


Heloise is constantly waiting for Jimmy because he is too busy hanging out with Beezy . Heloise, soon after, puts on a pathetic disguise and tricks Jimmy and Beezy into standing in a machine which attatched them to each other's backs. They thought it was 'awesmazing', until they 'wouldn't get off each other's backs' and started searching for the machine to change them back. It all ended up with Heloise being stuck to Jimmy and Beezy in the cinema.


  • This is the first episode which ends with Jimmy and Heloise surrounded by a heart. The second time was in Heloise's Secret Admirer


  • Jimmy
  • Heloise
  • Beezy
  • Dorkus
  • Luigi-Paulo
  • Bessie
  • Ben
  • Buford
  • Johnny
  • Millie
  • R.W.


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