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Personal Information
Aliases Thermaflux
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 14
Affiliations Jimmy, Beezy, Heloise
Family None
Occupation Mad Scientist in Misery Inc.
Residence Miseryville, Residential Area
Interests Mindless Destruction, Mad Science, Cookies, Explosives
Production Information
First Appearance None
Last Appearance None

Rodney is a happy-go-lucky, hyperactive, and highly destructive teen who is bit of a psychopath and a mad scientist. He lives in Miseryville with his friends Jimmy, Heloise, and Beezy. Rodney mainly describes them as his friends, but mostly his family. He can be insane, when it comes to being destructive and creating mad science!


Rodney is a bit of a hyper and crazy mad scientist; he creates anything powerful enough to destory the entire city, whenever he wants, but he uses it to blow up Lucius . He also uses explosives and weapons to destroy anything in his path.


Rodney is as happy-go-lucky as Jimmy and Beezy in the series; Jimmy, Rodney, and Beezy just cause a lot of mindless fun with each other no matter what how destructive they are.


Rodney shows no crushes whatsoever.



Early Concept[]

Rodney did had a concept drawing, but it was a bit taller for the character.


Rodney is almost related to Ratchet & Clank from Ratchet & Clank and Jimmy and Beezy from Jimmy Two-Shoes.


  • Rodney is almost related to Jimmy in the series.
  • His mad science can go too far when his experiments gone awry.