Chez Beezy
Chez Beezy
Season 1
Production code 107b
Broadcast number 2
Written by Deb Jarvis
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere February 21, 2009
Paired with


Jimmy, Beezy and Heloise take over a fancy restaurant when the disgruntled chef quits, while Lucius takes Jez there on a date.


When Beezy complains about the food at Chez Garbage's restaurant, he gets over stressed and quits. Jimmy then gets the idea to open up "Chez Beezy" in it's place. Everything goes alright until Lucius appears with his date, Jez. Jimmy gets overworked and starts to fall asleep while Heloise goes on her break, so Beezy must make sure the meal turns out perfect. Fortunately, Beezy's spaghetti manages to please Jez and Beezy starts celebrating. Later, Beezy gets over stressed about the job and quits. Beezy then metions how they always push things past their ability to control them, but there's never any consequences. A small creature in Beezy's sandwich slaps Jimmy with a fish for not listening. Heloise then slaps Beezy with a fish because she felt like it, it seems to help him focus a bit. Later the old chef shows up as a customer and the same thing as before happens but this time Beezy is the chef and the chef is in place of Beezy. The episode ends with everyone laughing as Jimmy falls asleep again.


  • Chez Garbage
  • Beezy
  • Heloise
  • Jimmy Two Shoes
  • Lucius Heinous VII
  • Samy Garvin
  • General Molotov (cameo)
  • The Molotovs family (cameo)
  • Jez (debut)
  • Merman
  • The Shrimps
  • Weavils (cameo)
  • Lucius' valet (no lines)


  • Chez Garbage appears in the season 2 episode My Best Friend's A Weavil, as one of Beezy's choices for a new best friend.
  • This episode was meant to be Jez's first appearance.
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