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Cute Cerbee
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Demon Dog
Affiliations Jazmeen, Heloise, Beezy
Family Jimmy (owner)
Residence Miseryville, Residential Area
Interests Eating, Chasing Cars, Playing with Jimmy
Production Information
First Appearance Spew Tube
Voiced by Sean Cullen (I Am Jimmy)

Cerbee is Jimmy's cycloptic green dog-like pet monster and a recurring character in Jimmy Two-Shoes. He loves to eat anything and everything. Jimmy actually refers to him as a dog, too, so he may literally be one.


His name is a reference to the three-headed demon dog Cerberus - rus + e. In Greek mythology, this dog guards the gates of the Underworld, also known as Hades.


Cerbee is very playful and puppy-like, he also has a very gluttonous appetite often eating anything he can find, including people. He cares a lot about her master
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Jimmy playing with Cerbee

Jimmy and they share a very strong "boy and his dog" relationship. However, he doesn't like Jimmy disturbing him while he's sleeping in his dog house (as seen in "Best Bud Battle"). He also had a brief attraction to a female demon dog called Jazmeen, even though their relationship ended as soon as it began.

Early ConceptEdit


Some early designs of Cerbee

Cerbee went through six different character designs before being given him current appearance.

J2S ZEdit

In Jimmy Two Shoes Z, Cerbee is known as Inu, Japanese for "Dog" He is a purple dog with the same colour eyes, to match an anime look. In the pilot, it is revealed that he can run 100,000 miles an hour, but no dog can run that speed. According to his ball, his attack rate is 900,000, making him useful at strong rivals.

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