Catalogue of Misery
Catalogue of Misery
Season 1
Production code 114a
Broadcast number 13
Written by Todd Brian
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere June 13, 2009
Paired with
Bend It Like Wreckem


Jimmy buys stuff from the new Misery Inc. Catalog thinking they're free. However, he soon finds out that he has to pay. Since he doesn't have the money, Lucius makes him work off the debt by delivering Misery Inc. products, or else Heloise will be fired.


The episode begins at Misery Inc. where Lucius is excited for the new Misery Inc. Catalog, which contains over 500 new items which Heloise doesn't remember making them and realize it was her assistant Dorkus who put the new items and said no one would be dumb enough to buy these item. We then cut to Jimmy's house where Jimmy sees the Catalog and discovered everything is free and decide to call them and buy everything they have, Unfortunately when Jimmy get a bill for the items he discovered that the Catalog was free but the items he had to pay for, which he claims he doesn't have any money and tries to return the items but Lucius said by saying that the items are not working as they are designed and Lucius threaten to fire Heloise because she created them but Jimmy offered to delivery items in order to pay off his debt.

He, along with Bezzy stopped at Molotov's home as he and his family are having a BBQ and delivered his first item; Outdoor Air Conditioner but when his wife notice it wasn't working well Jimmy had a hallucinations of Heloise being fired and blaming Jimmy but not wanting that to happen, Jimmy fixed it and it release snow, freezing Molotv and his family. Later they stopped at Saffi's home where they delivered another item; a big screen tv that only shows Sammy dancing. When Saffi is shown not to like it, Jimmy has another hallucination; this time on the tv where he sees Heloise being fired while in a sitcom. Jimmy then transform the tv in a fish tank, which Saffi loves and he and Beezy head out to their next delivery.

On their last trip Jimmy delivered a Family Fun Pack for a family of country family who didn't like it as it was shown to only be 2 cord seed. Jimmy then encountered another Hallucination of Heloise and Jimmy fixed it by drawing two faces on the seeds and have then created a large pile of Popcorn. Back at Misery Inc. Lucius decide to views the costumers and their items they bought, only to learn that they are happy for what they got, which makes Lucius upset. Later in Heloise's lab he became angry as he explain that costumers are actually happen for their products rather then being angry, which Heloise claims that most of them weren't any good. Just then Jimmy arrived and told Lucius and Heloise he finished this delivery and the debt was settled. Lucius then told Jimmy that the products he delivered make the costumers happy, Jimmy revealed that he fixed them as they didn't work good.

However Lucius revealed that their products aren't suppose to be fixed and aren't suppose to help the costumers, He decided to fire Jimmy leaving Heloise to un-fixed Jimmy's deed such as making the outdoor air condition blow fire, returning the fish tank to a tv where Sammy continue to dance and having all the popcorn eaten by Beezy, leaving only two corn seeds. Later at the lake where Jimmy is seen on a boat with a anchor on his head and cement on his feet Jimmy asked if his debt is paid and Lucius told him they are as he pulled the plug on the boat, causing the boat sink as Lucius get on his yacht as he laughed as Jimmy continued to sink, which he say that he wants to by two of these boats, not knowing his sinking.


  • Cerbee doesn't appear in this episode.
  • General Molotov makes an appearance.
  • Dr. Scientist makes an appearance.
  • Saffi makes an appearance.
  • Dorkus makes an appearance.
  • During the episode, whenever he hears people say they want their money back, he gets hallucinations of Heloise being fired, and blaming Jimmy.

Misery Inc productsEdit

  • Green Cheese Tea. (tastes like moldy cheese)
  • Tounge Gum. (like chewing your own tounge)
  • Finger Eating Chickens.
  • Bully In A Can. (vacum sealed, so the misery stays fresh)
  • Toad cereal. (with whole grain)
  • Cactus Toilet Seat.
  • Outdoor Air Conditioner. (barely works)
  • Television. (only features channels with Samy dancing, besides the hilarious comedy Oh, Heinous!)
  • Family Fun Pack. (2 corn seeds)
  • Sludge Soap. (no matter how much you scrub, you just get dirtier!)
  • The boat Jimmy sinks on.


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