Catalogue of Misery
Catalogue of Misery
Season 1
Production code 114a
Broadcast number 13
Written by Todd Brian
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere June 13, 2009
Paired with
[[Bend It Like Wreckem]]


Jimmy buys stuff from the new Misery Inc. Catalog thinking they're free. However, he soon finds out that he has to pay. Since he doesn't have the money, Lucius makes him work off the debt by delivering Misery Inc. products, or else Heloise will be fired.


  • Cerbee doesn't appear in this episode.
  • General Molotov makes an appearance.
  • Dr. Scientist makes an appearance.
  • Saffi makes an appearance.
  • Dorkus makes an appearance.
  • During the episode, whenever he hears people say they want their money back, he gets hallucinations of Heloise being fired, and blaming Jimmy.

Misery Inc productsEdit

  • Green Cheese Tea. (tastes like moldy cheese)
  • Tounge Gum. (like chewing your own tounge)
  • Finger Eating Chickens.
  • Bully In A Can. (vacum sealed, so the misery stays fresh)
  • Toad cereal. (with whole grain)
  • Cactus Toilet Seat.
  • Outdoor Air Conditioner. (barely works)
  • Television. (only features channels with Samy dancing, besides the hilarious comedy Oh, Heinous!)
  • Family Fun Pack. (2 corn seeds)
  • Sludge Soap. (no matter how much you scrub, you just get dirtier!)
  • The boat Jimmy sinks on.


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