• Tycio

    Since nobody's made one yet: it would be good to discuss our current needs for various positions like these, and who is suited to do them. I personally don't see the need to rush someone inexperienced into the roles. Checkuser, maybe, SysOp, possibly, but crat? That's a huge amount of power. +Yc 15:02, August 7, 2012 (UTC)

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  • AlitheSidekickHD


    The Edward & Rodney Show is a Canadian fanfiction series revolves around Edward Berkowitz and Rodney Henderson living in the suburbs of Toronto (a mixed version of Splitsboro & Miseryville) with friends from Sidekick & Jimmy Two-Shoes and having fantastic misadventures together. The series has started on October 8, 2011 on DeviantArt.

    • Edward Berkowitz - A cool, calm, and confident guy who has a bit of an easy life. He's a mechanic that fixes ships and dreadnoughts, creates weapons. He's also the main hero in the series. He also has an open relationship with Heloise and along side with his best friends Rodney & Dysart, they would often go on adventures with out them even knowing it.
    • Rodney Henderson - Edward's happy-go-lucky and hyperactive be…

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  • AlitheSidekickHD


    September 16, 2011 by AlitheSidekickHD

    Rodney is a happy-go-lucky, hyperactive, and highly destructive teen who is bit of a psychopath and a mad scientist. He lives in Miseryville with his friends Jimmy, Heloise, and Beezy. Rodney mainly describes them as his friends, but mostly his family. He can be insane, when it comes to being destructive and creating mad science!

    Rodney is a bit of a hyper and crazy mad scientist; he creates anything powerful enough to destory the entire city, whenever he wants, but he uses it to blow up Lucius . He also uses explosives and weapons to destroy anything in his path.

    Rodney is as happy-go-lucky as Jimmy and Beezy in the series; Jimmy, Rodney, and Beezy just cause a lot of mindless fun with each other no matter what how destructive they are.


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  • Kukimao

    Please Read

    June 20, 2011 by Kukimao


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  • Mr. E (look at the name)


    Here, we will talk about JimmyxHeloise and everything JimmyxHeloise-related, like fanart, moments, fanfics, episodes, stories, scripts and updates on the relationship.


    PS: If a wikian who lives in Canada reads this and has seen the Jimmy Two-Shoes episode Misery Hearts, what is the plot and is it the episode where Jimmy falls in love with or at least kisses Heloise?

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