Jimmy Two Shoes
Bend It Like Wreckem
Season 1
Production code 114b
Broadcast number 13
Written by Scott Oh
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere June 13, 2009
Paired with
Catalogue of Misery


After an ad for the upcoming game, Jimmy and Beezy get into a competition over who's the bigger Wreckum fan. To prove that they are the bigger fan, they each bet the other that they can get Wreckum's hoof print in a concrete slab so they go down to his locker room before the game and try to convince him to let them a hoof print. Wreckum ends up accidentally knocking himself out when he tries to escape the concrete molds around his hooves because the game starts in ten minutes.

Not knowing what to do they call Heloise so she can revive him but she just ends up taking his brain out. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Beezy stumble upon Wreckem's secret trophy room and get into a fight over who gets to wear his uniform.During the struggle they fall out onto the field with the uniform on. They play most of the game with people thinking that they are Wreckum with their team barley managing against lucius's mechanical team that looks like a giant version a table game.

Near the end of the game, Heloise puts Wreckum's brain back into his head and he switches places with jimmy and Beezy. He almost scores a goal before Beezy jumps in front of him and knocks his brain out again this time keeping it as a souvenir. With ten seconds left, the only hope for victory is a shot by Jimmy, he takes the shot and it goes in, unfortunately his own goal. Later Wreckum's mindless body shows up and Beezy has to give the brain back.